Administrative Law


Global Administrative Law as “Enabling Law”:
How to Monitor and Evaluate
Indicator-Based Performance
of Global Actors

European Public Law Organisation;
Dr. iur. (University of Heidelberg), LL.M. (Heidelberg)

IRPA Working Paper – GAL Series No. 7/2012

                                                                                                              Georgios Dimitropoulos

Abstract:The piece explores the relationship between indicators and their framework and identifies the evolution of a “global regulatory system for indicators”. This is a plural system and is part of a broader change in contemporary global governance and administration, which is also signified by the use of indicators. Drawing on examples from the IMF/EU adjustment programmes, the NEPAD African Peer Review Mechanism of the African Union and the evaluation of the EU Common Agricultural Policy by the OECD, it shows that authority in the global legal order is exercised in a non-hierarchical way. Against this background, the final aim of this paper is to show that the best way to monitor performance of rule-implementation based on indicators is the peer review system and other forms of horizontal monitoring.
Keywords: indicators, monitoring, evaluation, IMF, African Union, NEPAD, experimentalism, horizontal governance, peer review


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