Mr. Swampooo at Crockland


Animal poaching is the illegal hunting killing or capturing animals, a practice that occurs in a variety of ways. Poaching can refer to the failure to comply with regulation for legal harvest, resulting in the illegal taking of wildlife that would otherwise be allowable. Examples include: talking without a license or permit, use of a prohibited weapon or trapped, talking outside of the design time of day or year, and talking of a prohibited sex or life stage. Poaching can also refer to the talking of animals from a gazette wildlife sanctuary, such as national park, game reserve or zoo. Most controls, such as bans, restrictions and monitored trade, are all aimed at controlling poaching. However it is important to note that hunting, under specific regulation, is in fact often permitted in designated game preservers.

In this case, I’m the attorney who represent against prosecution. I kindly request to appeal this case due to the one-side judgment that is taken by the high court of Bakooru for my client Mr. Swampoo. Judge of high court Bakooru has sentenced my client to death without having proper evidences. According to the law “Beyond the reasonable doubt”, I would consider this decision as one-side judgment.

Behalf of the Mr. Swampoo, I would like to justify that Mr. Swampoo is not an animal poacher. He is just a poor, uneducated citizen of Crocqland who is trying to feed his six children. First evidence against prosecution is Mr. Swampoo has no idea of this kind of business or good contact with rich people since he is very poor and uneducated. For example these animals’ valuables trade among this rich people. Since he is uneducated and poor, he has no contact with rich people. It’s true that he has weapons that are used to killed crocodiles. But same weapons also were used for killing pigs. He may used it for avoid the loses from pigs for his crops. I also can say that each and every citizen use this kind of weapons for their own protection from crocodiles since crocodile population is very high.

Opposition has brought up evidence saying that they found Cyanide from inside of the crocodile’s body. Cyanide also used for killing pigs in the country. So I can surely say that this cyanide has deposited in the crocodile’s body due to eating parts (intestines, liver) of killing pigs. For example, every citizen of this country is used cyanide for killing pigs. And also opposition hasn’t brought up a proper evidence of a postmortem. Because only a proper postmortem report can be identified whether it is a food poisoning or a poaching. Therefore that we can’t say that whether Mr. Swampoo is used it for kill pigs or crocodiles. I kindly request to show a proper evident that can prove Mr. Swampoo is an animal poacher. For example, I kindly request from the opposition to bring up recorded video or photo-shoot of killing crocodiles by Mr. Swampoo. Whatever the materials that opposition will supply for the court should go through an independent material test of those materials’ originality. If prosecution is willing to bring up some eye witnesses, I consider those witnesses as fake evidences, since prosecution can bribe to those poor eye witnesses.

In addition to that, Opposition has brought up an evident saying that they have brought same bags from Mr. Swampoo. I kindly request a receipt of that material or photos when you purchase it from Mr. Swampoo. It’s true that Mr. Swampoo is selling leather bags and other items. But I have evidence that leather were not made of wildlife animals or crocodiles. Those were from pigs and cows.

According the law, I highly disagree with the judgment that court has taken. The opposition hasn’t proved any proper evidence under the law called “Beyond the reasonable Doubt”. I would like to appeal this case since judgment has taken an unfair decision. If animals’ lovers’ group is genuine group they should take care of humans also. Mr. Swampoo is squeezed by the poverty, how his wife is going to feed those poor six children and how are they going to survive without their father? They (Animal lover group) can transfer some crocodiles to another country since crocodile population of this country is very high. They don’t live in area that has huge treats from crocodiles. Only innocent, poor live there.

In my point of view, judgment should bring up a protection plan for humans’ safe in that area. And also they should transfer those crocodiles to another natural habitat or build up crocodile conversation part in the country.


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